Wi-fibre internet

Reliable high speed broadband internet available throughout Vulcan County and now Cayley


All recurring invoices are issued and due on the 1st of every month. We require that your account be set up on automatic monthly credit card payment, monthly bank withdrawal, or qualify for a commercial account.

NSF returned payments are charged $25.00 and services are suspended until payment is made. The outstanding payment and NSF fee must be paid by Credit Card, Certified Cheque, Money Order, or e-Transfer.

Accounts will be suspended after 35 days of non-payment. Full payment, including current monthly charges, must be received by us before the account will be reactivated.

If the account is not paid in full after 60 days, the account is terminated. This termination does not release you from your responsibility to pay any remaining fees for the Service Plan and/or Contract Payout Fee, if applicable.

Within the first month of your contract term you may adjust your service plan up or down without penalty. After the first month, your service rate plan is locked in and the upgrade and downgrade sections below apply.

Upgrades: You can request an upgrade to your service plan at any time without penalty. If within an existing contract, the contract will be terminated and the new service plan will be implemented with the new plan’s pricing and new term duration.

Downgrades: If you wish to downgrade to a different contract service plan, there is a downgrade fee of $75.00. The new service plan will then take effect with its pricing and new term duration.

Contract/Term Payout Fee: If you wish to cancel your contract service plan before the end of your term, you agree to a payout fee equal to 50% of the remaining monthly recurring charges until the end of your contract term. (up to a maximum of $300.00 plus GST)  

After your contract term has expired, you may either change your service plan and sign a new contract at that time, or you may continue on your existing service plan with its current pricing on a month to month basis. We require 30 days prior notice for any cancellation of services.

Refund Policy: After clearing any outstanding balance and the return of all equipment (radios, PoE adapters, managed routers, etc.), any credit remaining on the account will be refunded via e-transfer to the email address on account. 

“Seasonal Hibernation” option is now available to all customers. While in “Seasonal Hibernation”  there is no monthly fee. Each time you reactivate your service you will be charged a $30.00 activate fee. While your account is in seasonal hibernation, your contract term will pause. When you resume service, your contract term will resume from where it was prior to the seasonal hibernation.

If a customer cancels service with Wi-fibre but wishes to reconnect in the future, there will be a $99.95 re-connection fee or full install fee if equipment needs to be re-installed.

Wi-fibre Inc. does it’s best to provide the rated service levels of our various plans but we do not guarantee these service levels or that your services will be uninterrupted. Wi-fibre Inc. is not liable for any content transmitted using your Service Plan. We do not warrant or guarantee the security, accuracy, destination, availability or any other aspect of information transmitted.

Wi-fibre Inc. shall not be liable for any damages, costs, expenses or claims of any kind that you or other parties may suffer from the use of services, or equipment, including, but not limited to, service interruptions and delays, loss of data, damage or destruction to property, or personal injury.

We may make changes to our Service Plan Terms and Conditions from time to time. You can review the most recent version of these Service Plan Terms and Conditions on our website. Continued use of our services constitutes your agreement to the most current Service Plan Terms and Conditions.

You will comply with Wi-fibre’s Acceptable Use Policy. (AUP)

This Policy applies to all Wi-fibre Inc. customers.

 Our service and equipment we provide are for consumer use.

Harassing or abusive language or actions towards our employees is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

We do not allow use of our service for, and we may interrupt or cancel your service if used for:

- for any illegal activity that violates Local, Provincial, Federal or International law, order or regulation.

- access or attempt to access any computer, host, or data belonging to any other person, including any material which violates copyright or             intellectual property rights.

- transmitting any information or software which contains a virus or other harmful component

- sending unsolicited telecommunications such as unsolicited commercial email, junk mail and spam

- affecting any other user’s use of the network, impairing network operations or efficiency or creating an unfair burden on the network.

- providing access to any files, programs, or information which would assist in the fraudulent use of our services, example: packet sniffers, cracking     tools or networks probing tools

- impersonating any person or entity or misrepresenting another person or company