Wi-fibre internet

Reliable high speed broadband internet available throughout Vulcan County and now Cayley

Wi-fibre FAQS

What areas does Wi-fibre provide service to?

Wi-fibre provides internet service throughout Vulcan County, including the town of Vulcan, the villages of Champion, Carmangay, Lomond, Arrowwood, Milo, the hamlets of Brant, Ensign, Mossleigh, Herronton, Queenstown, and the resort communities of Little Bow Resort and Lake McGregor Estates. We now also service Cayley, AB.

Can I receive internet service on no contract?

Yes, we can offer our internet on no contract or what is called month to month service. We offer the following services on month to month, 12 Mbps for $89.95 monthly, and 25 Mbps for $109.95 monthly. Installation cost for no contract/month to month service is $399.95.

What is involved with installing Wi-fibre internet to my home/business?

We install a fixed wireless radio to the outside of your building, usually on the roof with a satellite arm or tripod. From the radio we run a cable which enters your home and must be plugged into power via our POE/modem box. Then we connect our wireless router (included with our service) to the POE/modem box. You can then connect your wireless devices (laptops, phones, and tablets) to the wireless router or hard-wired devices to the back of the wireless router.

Is there a way to see my bill online, make an online payment or change my credit card?

You can access Wi-fibre's customer care portal to see your monthly invoices, make a payment or change your credit card number.
Go to   https://customercare.wi-fibre.ca/